Friday, April 28, 2017

You are the tallest man in my life

Strong like the rock, not the fast and furious but the actual rock.

He made my bed,

Cut my nails,

Walked miles with me on his shoulders.

He did all this when I was old enough to remember how fragile he was getting.

All the energy he brought with him,

All the love he carried himself with,

The man never got older in heart.

A lot of changes that got convenient and comfortable today,

It was never like sleeping in the fresh air beside you mourning about your county's electricity schedule.

Love that gets spread everywhere not needed, 

He never wasted even words that spreads good deed.

He will be the only man in any Girls' life, who gives all the love, protects all her love from wasting.

Never have i seen a man live like a tall legend that he was,

Never have i seen a man leave like the king he should be.

sometimes how lucky you are is hard to appreciate,not till you have lost them but when you know you will never be able to find them back.

Just remembering how my kids will never be able to appreciate the fondness of being at the grandparents in the country.... 


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