Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whats the point in life?

To look after your parents?

But they dint protect you, so one day you would take care of them....

They did it because they gambled whats best for you to be a good soul!

Love your partner in crime for eternal?

But their innocent eyes look upto you every time your heart sinks deep....

They did everything to cheer every adrenaline you have left behind!

But make infinite friends !?

Real friends know worst of your million personalities and still stay by, no matter how horrible of you they saw....

They stuck around without parking else where, just to see you smile along with them !

So now what is your purpose ? 

To make money ?

To be successful?

To be recognised?


The last three of all would definitely make you smile !

So that would be all ?

Just to make use of the three muscle to show yourself content.... ????

Ofcourse, apart from eating with those too.....

Unless you realise 

Being here right at this moment.....for all the souls that made you identifible as you!

Your purpose isn't so right !

Miss the one cup of coffee with the right person....

Time would strike on you how fast it revolves! 


Sunday, June 11, 2017

If you had a chance?! Would you give up!

Because i will not change a thing! 

Not one thing.....

Haven't you seen someone this crazily passionate! 

To be in love with all the little things in life!

To be irritatingly nagging at your presence every time!

To be at rage at all the tiny bayleaf mistake!

Is it too scary for you?!

You think no one makes mistakes?! 

They just get stuck with it, for a little longer ! 

But should you have a chance, would you give up??

Even after the storm that it is, has passed 

Would you still dance with me, if the sun shined on you every day?!

If i told you, all the moments i forgot to breath is when i truly know why i lived all this while, would you kiss me one more time?!

If you knew this little time is all you had with them !

Would you change anything?

I cant ! And I wouldn't! 

Love no matter how low, it takes you so high to the deepest ocean in this world.

Thats what matters! 

No regrets !

What so ever!

All is fair in love and war!

A war like ours ! 


Friday, June 9, 2017

Apparently, i am done....

Nor good or bad !

Just as much that line make sense !


Years of the circle, you swirled around with the tiny fresh wind pushing you every edge, for one more day..... has come to an end ! 

Months of striking off the calendar to hurl outside the blanket, just one more sun kissed day..... has apparently come to an end !

Scared of the good .... wouldn't it be nice to stay warm inside this bubble???

Terrified of the bad .... would this circle swirl to the bottom of the ocean and be static....

All this because tomorrow i don't have to set the alarm.....

Because tomorrow i don't have to worry about how much i swear while i try to race back to reach work on time....

Somehow tomorrow is always terrifying....

Because tomorrow is going to be different and new ..... 

Because tomorrow will mould you to stand out even without your shadow following ......

Just remember 

not to fall down in fear.....

Nor fly high in confidence......

Open your eyes to the golden ray of bliss and just embrace it like any other day.......

Live Quarter mile at a time !


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A hug from you two, thats all life is worth

Live with a dozen bananas 

Yet you will feel the lonileness in your throat everytime you drink a glass of water.....

And just one day ....

All of a sudden

Your life turns around 

With more than just one person in your life....

Waiting for you

All day

Quietly ...,

Till you return home

Just to jump on ....

Wage their tail around.....

Hug you.....

Lick all over you....

With their micturating smell ??!!!!!

Trust me ....

A million baths doesn't take their aroma around you......

It stays....

It sticks.....

Its pleasant!

Because when all the love in the world 

Tries to kiss you.....

Nothing stops you from giving it back sucking your breath in .....

Out of my imagination....

Its nothing like human animal love.....

Beyond the skies of your world

Beyond the gravity thats pulls you to be a good soul .....

Much more......

Have someone in your life .....

If that isn't your goal ! What should be ?!

My world has turned upsidedown with two little ones ....

The reward for just being the new care taker of these two fatties.....

The love that we all deserve.....

Isn't too far away 

The love thats worth even if its for a short a while ! 

Treasure what is worth for the love you carry around...


Friday, May 12, 2017

My two sons in the making

"How do you handle a kid" 

Is all i want to ask every living soul especially my mom!

How did you handle this stupid overtly possessive immature grown up till yesterday!

I look after one having diarrhoea  and then turn around to have another one eating its way to dysentery!

Its a nightmare 

I cant hug one .... it makes the other one jealous and riled up to start shouting at me 

"Yo hooman what do I look like to you?"

By the bloody way 

Im just talking about my two cute little puppies!

They are soo damn cute to take pictures wit ! Trained them for it !

They are so sooo damn bloody cute to play with !!!!! Dread my sweat for it !

Please please teach me to poop one at a time ! 😤😤

Thats every MOM's reaction 

To all of you being soo little cute puppy-like with your thing out !!!

Or ! Should you Experience it licking your fingers! To know how i feel !!! Or To bitch about why im complaining or just.....

To experience them coming and 

Just lying down in your leg side when they hear your voice! ...

Precious isnt it ???

Im still talking about the damn cute chewable puppies who poops 10times a day ! 


Kids make your life colourful! Aint they???

They just touch your soul and ofcourse every damn brain centres possible and make you nauseous nostalgic for the love you have always dreaded to have ! 

The children i thought i will never have !


Friday, April 28, 2017

You are the tallest man in my life

Strong like the rock, not the fast and furious but the actual rock.

He made my bed,

Cut my nails,

Walked miles with me on his shoulders.

He did all this when I was old enough to remember how fragile he was getting.

All the energy he brought with him,

All the love he carried himself with,

The man never got older in heart.

A lot of changes that got convenient and comfortable today,

It was never like sleeping in the fresh air beside you mourning about your county's electricity schedule.

Love that gets spread everywhere not needed, 

He never wasted even words that spreads good deed.

He will be the only man in any Girls' life, who gives all the love, protects all her love from wasting.

Never have i seen a man live like a tall legend that he was,

Never have i seen a man leave like the king he should be.

sometimes how lucky you are is hard to appreciate,not till you have lost them but when you know you will never be able to find them back.

Just remembering how my kids will never be able to appreciate the fondness of being at the grandparents in the country.... 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I turned out to be just fine

Always grumpy little girl was what i used to be.

Irritatingly and pathologically introverted.

Even now it needs a lot of inhibitory substances for exorcism of the demon inside me, though.


I turned out to be just fine, while growing up with you...

A very cheerful gal with lots of hope for future and always love,love for all the little things in life.

There could be so many big things and many gigantic moments in life..... but i would only remember jumping out of wardrobe, prank calling everyone, walking miles to save a penny, that huge dog doll sitting in my bed frightening me every night, these small small things would make an entire life to cherish, to make you watch the world with a beautiful eye. Isn't that what i learnt from you?!.

The love for small things, the love for everything around me, the love for everyone around me started when you saved every penny for my beach outing that I remember and think seriously balloons???? !!! 

You cannot write them 

You cannot just say them bluntly,

Having these moments and lived through all of it with you.

I turned out to be more than just fine 

Because all the love in this world was replaceable 

But you!, Nothing could replace someone who has created an awesome piece of artistic shit (Duh! Me) 

Brought up with love for little joys in life.