Friday, May 12, 2017

My two sons in the making

"How do you handle a kid" 

Is all i want to ask every living soul especially my mom!

How did you handle this stupid overtly possessive immature grown up till yesterday!

I look after one having diarrhoea  and then turn around to have another one eating its way to dysentery!

Its a nightmare 

I cant hug one .... it makes the other one jealous and riled up to start shouting at me 

"Yo hooman what do I look like to you?"

By the bloody way 

Im just talking about my two cute little puppies!

They are soo damn cute to take pictures wit ! Trained them for it !

They are so sooo damn bloody cute to play with !!!!! Dread my sweat for it !

Please please teach me to poop one at a time ! 😤😤

Thats every MOM's reaction 

To all of you being soo little cute puppy-like with your thing out !!!

Or ! Should you Experience it licking your fingers! To know how i feel !!! Or To bitch about why im complaining or just.....

To experience them coming and 

Just lying down in your leg side when they hear your voice! ...

Precious isnt it ???

Im still talking about the damn cute chewable puppies who poops 10times a day ! 


Kids make your life colourful! Aint they???

They just touch your soul and ofcourse every damn brain centres possible and make you nauseous nostalgic for the love you have always dreaded to have ! 

The children i thought i will never have !


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