Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I turned out to be just fine

Always grumpy little girl was what i used to be.

Irritatingly and pathologically introverted.

Even now it needs a lot of inhibitory substances for exorcism of the demon inside me, though.


I turned out to be just fine, while growing up with you...

A very cheerful gal with lots of hope for future and always love,love for all the little things in life.

There could be so many big things and many gigantic moments in life..... but i would only remember jumping out of wardrobe, prank calling everyone, walking miles to save a penny, that huge dog doll sitting in my bed frightening me every night, these small small things would make an entire life to cherish, to make you watch the world with a beautiful eye. Isn't that what i learnt from you?!.

The love for small things, the love for everything around me, the love for everyone around me started when you saved every penny for my beach outing that I remember and think seriously balloons???? !!! 

You cannot write them 

You cannot just say them bluntly,

Having these moments and lived through all of it with you.

I turned out to be more than just fine 

Because all the love in this world was replaceable 

But you!, Nothing could replace someone who has created an awesome piece of artistic shit (Duh! Me) 

Brought up with love for little joys in life.


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