Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whats the point in life?

To look after your parents?

But they dint protect you, so one day you would take care of them....

They did it because they gambled whats best for you to be a good soul!

Love your partner in crime for eternal?

But their innocent eyes look upto you every time your heart sinks deep....

They did everything to cheer every adrenaline you have left behind!

But make infinite friends !?

Real friends know worst of your million personalities and still stay by, no matter how horrible of you they saw....

They stuck around without parking else where, just to see you smile along with them !

So now what is your purpose ? 

To make money ?

To be successful?

To be recognised?


The last three of all would definitely make you smile !

So that would be all ?

Just to make use of the three muscle to show yourself content.... ????

Ofcourse, apart from eating with those too.....

Unless you realise 

Being here right at this moment.....for all the souls that made you identifible as you!

Your purpose isn't so right !

Miss the one cup of coffee with the right person....

Time would strike on you how fast it revolves! 


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