Sunday, June 11, 2017

If you had a chance?! Would you give up!

Because i will not change a thing! 

Not one thing.....

Haven't you seen someone this crazily passionate! 

To be in love with all the little things in life!

To be irritatingly nagging at your presence every time!

To be at rage at all the tiny bayleaf mistake!

Is it too scary for you?!

You think no one makes mistakes?! 

They just get stuck with it, for a little longer ! 

But should you have a chance, would you give up??

Even after the storm that it is, has passed 

Would you still dance with me, if the sun shined on you every day?!

If i told you, all the moments i forgot to breath is when i truly know why i lived all this while, would you kiss me one more time?!

If you knew this little time is all you had with them !

Would you change anything?

I cant ! And I wouldn't! 

Love no matter how low, it takes you so high to the deepest ocean in this world.

Thats what matters! 

No regrets !

What so ever!

All is fair in love and war!

A war like ours ! 


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